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about our College

Since the word architecture has got a global meaning in both creative and technical aspects, our primary mission is to become a global learning center for architecture.

"Its creative" This is the commonest answer from a student who is asked about his selection of architecture. This should not be always and completely true. Our mission is also to make the students learn the deep technical aspects which arethere along with the unavoidable vibrant creativity.

India has more than 200 colleges which impart education in Architecture, which means a lot of fresher's are added every year. India needs more than 10,000 trained professionals in various government and private organizations. So our mission is also to restore the quality and improve the value of this profession.

While capitalism furthers the growth and prosperity of human race, buildings with beautiful designs and glory show the grandeur. In today's era we are proud to announce that in our vision we have exemplary architectural teaching, research programs, scholarships, creative endeavors and real time industry exposure. We aspire to provide the world with leaders in architecture prepared to excel in their profession, improve their communities and contribute to a global society.